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"Jacoby Shaddix a Christian"

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Papa Roach frontman accepts Christ!!Papa Roach frontman accepts Christ!!silentthunder8918-05-201412
Christian AORChristian AORDynamis21-12-201016
Are they really Christian?Are they really Christian?els678924-05-201456
Christian Liljegren updateChristian Liljegren updateDynamis22-04-20102
Christian bands and bands with Christian members question.Christian bands and bands with Christian members question.rockerVu209-05-20106
Christian blues.Christian blues.rockerVu221-05-201461
Christian Rivel news.Christian Rivel news.rockerVu230-11-200712
So little power metal in christian music. So little power metal in christian music. Redeemed Fool06-02-201435
Christian Progressive MetalChristian Progressive Metalkimberlily2219-07-201313
Christian Rock/Metal memorabilia ?Christian Rock/Metal memorabilia ?Guilty/Forgiven06-07-20126
Know Christian music? Got time on ur hands?Know Christian music? Got time on ur hands?Guilty/Forgiven28-09-201016
Fraction: early 70's Christian rockFraction: early 70's Christian rockNoah22-06-20102
Ultra rare Christian  rock bands.Ultra rare Christian rock bands.rockerVu221-05-200828
The AlarmThe AlarmGuilty/Forgiven17-06-20076
Ivory Moon???Ivory Moon???Guest13-10-20076
NazB - Christian Hip Hop!NazB - Christian Hip Hop!Dynamis23-04-20149
Christian version of Rush?Christian version of Rush?Driven08-06-201314
HERO's Challenge - Christian Rock & Metal Collage #2HERO's Challenge - Christian Rock & Metal Collage #2Disposable HERO12-06-200823
Sacrecy - new Christian melodic metalSacrecy - new Christian melodic metalDynamis11-11-200729
Christian Musician Birthday Thread Christian Musician Birthday Thread Guilty/Forgiven19-07-20132
Pandora Radio and Christian rock/metalPandora Radio and Christian rock/metalJust_Sue09-07-201322
Your favorite borderline Christian bandsYour favorite borderline Christian bandsGuilty/Forgiven02-09-201422
Promised Land - Christian Symphonic MetalPromised Land - Christian Symphonic MetalDynamis25-06-200716
New Christian Parody BandNew Christian Parody BandGuilty/Forgiven21-09-201228
Christian band - secular band.Christian band - secular band.rockerVu219-06-201210
Discern - Christian Death MetalDiscern - Christian Death MetalDynamis22-09-20077
7th Overture - Christian progressive rock7th Overture - Christian progressive rockDynamis24-08-20073
Bands that start with "Q"Bands that start with "Q"Guilty/Forgiven26-01-20119
TWIN FUSION - Christian progressive rockTWIN FUSION - Christian progressive rockDynamis20-02-20097
Attn: Christian Metalheads- I need your help with a project!Attn: Christian Metalheads- I need your help with a project!Todd09-09-20085
ReinXeed (Christian power metal)ReinXeed (Christian power metal)Guest14-10-200715
Christian song titles that would sound bad to non-ChristiansChristian song titles that would sound bad to non-ChristiansGuest17-07-201352
Hard Southern Rock       Christian of Course lol!!Hard Southern Rock Christian of Course lol!!Timshell6429-05-201148
Christian stoner doom?Christian stoner doom?Deepfriar20-05-201530
Albums that have been banned by Christian bookstoresAlbums that have been banned by Christian bookstoresGuilty/Forgiven18-07-201333
Crown of Mercy - Christian progressive rockCrown of Mercy - Christian progressive rockDynamis07-10-20071
christian heavy/hard  with female vocals???christian heavy/hard with female vocals???brian92321-06-20089
Is WISDOM a Christian band?Is WISDOM a Christian band?Fundy05-02-20125
Check Out "SLAIN" - A Christian Prog-Metal Band from IndiaCheck Out "SLAIN" - A Christian Prog-Metal Band from IndiaProgPariah7703-02-20115
Steel Prophet - christian band?Steel Prophet - christian band?Acurus_07-06-20145
Petra to Perform at  “We Will Stand” EventPetra to Perform at “We Will Stand” EventBearDad16-01-20158
Secular CoversSecular CoversStaybrite15-05-200718
Struggles in the Christian LifeStruggles in the Christian LifeFundy18-09-20077
Christian Rock Wheel of FortuneChristian Rock Wheel of FortuneGuilty/Forgiven21-04-2011153
Christian version of Tiny TimChristian version of Tiny TimGuilty/Forgiven09-09-201313
Killed By Cain.Killed By Cain.rockerVu226-03-200814
Weirdest album cover contestWeirdest album cover contestGuilty/Forgiven07-01-201115
Dale ThompsonDale Thompsonsilentthunder8924-02-200915
First Strike - Rock Of OffenseFirst Strike - Rock Of OffenseGuest20-02-200827
In This MomentIn This MomentDreams03-04-20099
RadRockers is closing!!!RadRockers is closing!!!alldatndensum16-08-201215
Fivestar ProphetFivestar Prophetalldatndensum12-04-20119
Cage – Hell Destroyer?Cage – Hell Destroyer?Staybrite25-03-20088
Top 10 Christian rock/metal albums?Top 10 Christian rock/metal albums?Driven31-05-201423
Oskord (Christian folk metal)Oskord (Christian folk metal)Axxent29-10-201011
Peter Baltes - Four Inch NailsPeter Baltes - Four Inch NailsStaybrite09-06-20093
Legend/Legend SevenLegend/Legend Sevenalldatndensum01-05-200721
Praise and worship CDs.Praise and worship CDs.rockerVu231-07-200734
The Beneath - Christian modern/hardcoreThe Beneath - Christian modern/hardcoreDynamis29-10-20071
Christian artists openly gay ?Christian artists openly gay ?Guilty/Forgiven24-08-201115
Top 50 Christian Metal Albums of the NinetiesTop 50 Christian Metal Albums of the NinetiesDynamis20-01-201532
Is 7th Reign a christian band?Is 7th Reign a christian band?Timshell6403-03-20125
Christian Music Hall of Fame InducteesChristian Music Hall of Fame Inducteessilentthunder8904-01-20107
Day Of Fire.Day Of Fire.rockerVu220-08-20116
was there ever a Christian alternative to Michael Jackson?was there ever a Christian alternative to Michael Jackson?Static Fuse03-07-20095
The interview with Emil from Ulterium Records. The interview with Emil from Ulterium Records. rockerVu210-01-20116
Henrik Bath (Harmony, Darkwater)Henrik Bath (Harmony, Darkwater)heath77703-05-20073
s91 - christian prog metal from Italys91 - christian prog metal from Italyfranz8724-08-201211
Outlander   bandOutlander bandTimshell6431-12-20116
Conspiracy of ThoughtConspiracy of Thoughtsilentthunder8911-12-20106
Christian RapChristian RapGuilty/Forgiven02-12-201031
Throwing GravityThrowing Gravitytheoriginalironman20-12-20100
Another Prog Band - FarpointAnother Prog Band - FarpointAhlitah16-02-20125
Female Fronted Gothic Metal BandFemale Fronted Gothic Metal Banddawn29-08-20100
$6.99 Cds$6.99 Cdsdale43444511-01-20103
Christian Rock Trivia Christian Rock Trivia Guilty/Forgiven08-07-201431
Extreme Christian metal.Extreme Christian metal.rockerVu216-04-200914
RelesserRelessertopshot rhit18-06-20161
Any new Christian melodic metal out there?Any new Christian melodic metal out there?Follower of Jesus12-08-20109
Christian Love Ballads Vol. 1Christian Love Ballads Vol. 1Guilty/Forgiven27-04-201416
Rock Classic - Fighter "Bang the Drum"Rock Classic - Fighter "Bang the Drum"Staybrite14-01-200813
Have you heard from?Have you heard from?rockerVu207-02-20087
Your new CDs in 2011.Your new CDs in 2011.rockerVu201-01-2011197
50 Greatest Christian Albums of All Time...50 Greatest Christian Albums of All Time...nazpastor18-02-201052
First Christian ROCK album you heard?First Christian ROCK album you heard?music___me02-07-201344
Universalism - the end of Christian influenceUniversalism - the end of Christian influencealldatndensum04-07-20081
James Brown by Christian McbrideJames Brown by Christian Mcbridespanky23-07-201015
Silly words in Christian musicSilly words in Christian musicDriven14-07-20174
Important influences for the Christian music?Important influences for the Christian music?rockerVu206-08-20136
Christian Metal Distro saleChristian Metal Distro salealldatndensum25-11-20160
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"Jacoby Shaddix a Christian"
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