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STANDARD Album LyricsSTANDARD Album Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes02-10-201338
Stamp! Single LyricsStamp! Single Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes22-07-201510
OVER DRIVE Single LyricsOVER DRIVE Single Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes18-09-201325
Playboy LyricsPlayboy Lyricsmrmonkey198010-02-201035
Morning sun LyricsMorning sun Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes01-02-20164
BEST★SCANDAL Album LyricsBEST★SCANDAL Album Lyricsmc~09-05-20100
HARUKAZE Single LyricsHARUKAZE Single Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes22-02-201230
Image Single LyricsImage Single Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes19-11-201417
Yoake no Ryuuseigun Single LyricsYoake no Ryuuseigun Single Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes16-07-201413
Dobondobondo no Theme LyricsDobondobondo no Theme Lyricsbleachnlife25-09-201158
SCANDAL SHOW Album LyricsSCANDAL SHOW Album Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes07-03-20129
Departure Single LyricsDeparture Single Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes19-03-201433
Haruka Single LyricsHaruka Single Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes20-04-201117
Pride Single LyricsPride Single Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes09-02-201112
R-GIRL's ROCK! Album LyricsR-GIRL's ROCK! Album Lyricscharleskerwin25-12-20109
Take Me Out Single LyricsTake Me Out Single Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes27-07-201614
HELLO WORLD Album LyricsHELLO WORLD Album Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes03-12-201433
YELLOW Album LyricsYELLOW Album Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes02-03-201612
SCANDAL Lyrics IndexSCANDAL Lyrics Indexmc~09-05-20100
Chiisana Honoo LyricsChiisana Honoo Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes23-12-201511
Shunkan Sentimental Single LyricsShunkan Sentimental Single Lyricsmc~20-01-20100
Sisters Single LyricsSisters Single Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes09-09-201518
Shoujo S Single LyricsShoujo S Single Lyricsmc~06-11-20090
Happy Collector LyricsHappy Collector Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes03-12-201217
BABY ACTION Album LyricsBABY ACTION Album Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes10-08-201150
Kagen no Tsuki Single LyricsKagen no Tsuki Single Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes14-08-201315
Runners high LyricsRunners high Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes12-02-201419
SCANDAL no Theme LyricsSCANDAL no Theme Lyricsmrmonkey198009-02-201044
Taiyou Scandalous Single LyricsTaiyou Scandalous Single Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes11-07-201222
SCANDAL - Bitter ChocolateSCANDAL - Bitter Chocolatejigoku7903-10-20127
ENCORE SHOW Album LyricsENCORE SHOW Album Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes06-02-201318
TEMPTATION BOX Album LyricsTEMPTATION BOX Album Lyricsmc~13-08-20101
Lyrics in kanji with furiganaLyrics in kanji with furiganammoroz01-06-20114
DOLL Single LyricsDOLL Single Lyricsmc~06-11-20090
Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne Single LyricsAwanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne Single Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes22-05-201321
Queens are trumps -Kirifuda wa Queen- Album LyricsQueens are trumps -Kirifuda wa Queen- Album Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes26-09-201275
LOVE SURVIVE Single LyricsLOVE SURVIVE Single Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes27-07-201124
21st Single - 「Stamp!」21st Single - 「Stamp!」thoseguiltyeyes31-05-2015486
Namida no Regret Single LyricsNamida no Regret Single Lyricsmc~30-07-20100
Pin Heel Surfer Single LyricsPin Heel Surfer Single Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes12-09-201217
Scandal Nanka Buttobase Single LyricsScandal Nanka Buttobase Single Lyricsハナビラ~27-09-201050
Space Ranger - Tab, Lyrics, and ChordsSpace Ranger - Tab, Lyrics, and Chordsren-0026-04-201014
SCANDAL - Right Here chordsSCANDAL - Right Here chordsjigoku7908-10-20125
YAH! YAH! YAH! HELLO SCANDAL Album LyricsYAH! YAH! YAH! HELLO SCANDAL Album Lyricsmc~06-11-20090
Koi Moyou Tab, Lyrics, and ChordsKoi Moyou Tab, Lyrics, and Chordsren-0026-04-20101
Yumemiru Tsubasa Single LyricsYumemiru Tsubasa Single Lyricsmc~06-11-20090
SAKURA Goodbye Single LyricsSAKURA Goodbye Single Lyricsmc~06-11-200928
BEST ALBUM『SCANDAL』BEST ALBUM『SCANDAL』thoseguiltyeyes21-08-2016225
BEST ALBUM『SCANDAL』 LyricsBEST ALBUM『SCANDAL』 Lyricsthoseguiltyeyes15-02-20178
SCANDAL BABY Chords & TabsSCANDAL BABY Chords & Tabstsunvun8624-12-200961
SCANDAL - Haruka ChordsSCANDAL - Haruka Chordstsunvun8619-03-201122
Lyrics HelpLyrics HelpSoraxMiyavi09-09-201012
nonsense lyrics you like?nonsense lyrics you like?Scandalsuki21-06-201512
19th Single - 「Yoake no Ryuuseigun」19th Single - 「Yoake no Ryuuseigun」thoseguiltyeyes11-04-2014396
SCANDAL - Kagen No Tsuki chordsSCANDAL - Kagen No Tsuki chordsjigoku7911-07-201312
SCANDAL to produce a song for Rina Katahira's new albumSCANDAL to produce a song for Rina Katahira's new albumsillentdx01-01-20169
Doll TabDoll Tabyuujin_2112-11-200924
Image ChordsImage Chordssyakmp25-10-201416
SCANDAL - Koe ChordsSCANDAL - Koe Chordsjigoku7926-09-201218
Ashita no AshitaAshita no AshitaRaziel21-01-201219
Namida no REGRET Chords & TabsNamida no REGRET Chords & Tabstsunvun8603-07-201050
SCANDAL - Uchiage Hanabi ChordsSCANDAL - Uchiage Hanabi Chordsjigoku7908-10-20132
Satisfaction ChordsSatisfaction ChordsJibba11-04-20118
New HB ~ PääkallonpaikkaNew HB ~ PääkallonpaikkaHardkore01-11-201020
SCANDAL - Awanai Tsumori No, Genki De Ne ChordsSCANDAL - Awanai Tsumori No, Genki De Ne Chordsjigoku7917-04-201330
「Morning sun」 - theme song of 『Neko Nanka Yondemo Konai.』 movie「Morning sun」 - theme song of 『Neko Nanka Yondemo Konai.』 moviethoseguiltyeyes02-10-201524
Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku STORY Single LyricsTaiyou to Kimi ga Egaku STORY Single Lyricsmc~21-07-20100
Shunkan Sentimental  Chords & TabsShunkan Sentimental Chords & Tabstsunvun8611-01-2010111
22nd Single - 「Sisters」22nd Single - 「Sisters」thoseguiltyeyes23-07-2015372
[request] Metronome tabs / chords [request] Metronome tabs / chords Ray19004-10-201315
GOOSEHOUSE~ GOOSEHOUSE~ hanamuke13-11-201225
Who Should Sing "Secret Base"?Who Should Sing "Secret Base"?propglenn02-04-201014
Pin Heel Surfer ChordsPin Heel Surfer Chordsjigoku7902-09-20128
"New" Rev Seven lyrics"New" Rev Seven lyricstopshot rhit06-07-20074
Hajimete no Chuu Chords & TabsHajimete no Chuu Chords & Tabstsunvun8604-10-20106
Ghettotone: 1983 (Lesley Lyrics, Papa Levi, Asher Senator & Smiley Culture!)Ghettotone: 1983 (Lesley Lyrics, Papa Levi, Asher Senator & Smiley Culture!)Mister Soundtapes31-10-200822
I Really Like These LyricsI Really Like These LyricsAkeldama04-05-201310
Start LyricsStart Lyricsmc~09-11-20090
Software that can tell you lyrics of songsSoftware that can tell you lyrics of songsTimshell6430-03-20122
common misconceptions in pop/rock lyricscommon misconceptions in pop/rock lyricsGuilty/Forgiven22-07-201330
Lyrics from VA Cover AlbumsLyrics from VA Cover Albumsthoseguiltyeyes27-03-20140
Your favorites for 2008.Your favorites for 2008.rockerVu210-12-200881
Don't CryDon't CrySoulmonster06-08-20101
Shoujo "S" and "SL" Magic ?Shoujo "S" and "SL" Magic ?propglenn29-01-201045
This I LoveThis I LoveSoulmonster17-08-20100
Draft Donny For Pres. Movement!Draft Donny For Pres. Movement!fudgemeister18-10-20126
[Malaysia] SCANDAL Live in Malaysia 2012[Malaysia] SCANDAL Live in Malaysia 2012tomomism29-11-2012135
Pillar update/new songPillar update/new songalldatndensum05-11-200725
BURN by SCANDAL tabsBURN by SCANDAL tabsakihito_ajibana23-09-20113
Your Top 5 Favorite SCANDAL SongsYour Top 5 Favorite SCANDAL Songsbillyboy12-12-2010422
SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』thoseguiltyeyes21-08-2016232
Guitar Pro Tab of Scandal'sGuitar Pro Tab of Scandal'sneropanser05-10-201018
Good New Article and Interview With SusanGood New Article and Interview With SusanWAMcKinley28-10-201214
Letter 7.Letter 7.rockerVu212-08-201111
14 Years14 YearsSoulmonster07-08-20100
HARUNA to participate in FM802 ACCESS campaign songHARUNA to participate in FM802 ACCESS campaign songthoseguiltyeyes16-03-201511
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"take me out scandal lyrics"
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